Natures Pure Spa Complete Program Maintenance

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Complete maintenance bundle for the Natures Pure Spa Program

Every spa care program consists of at least two parts: Sanitizer & Shock/Oxidizer. Spa Sanitizer is almost always either Chlorine or Bromine. Oxidizer or “shock” is almost always MPS (monopersulfate).

Regardless of what brand of spa you bought, where you bought it, what start up chemicals they gave you or even if you think you have a “salt water spa”, there’s better than a 95% chance you’re using these same chemicals.

So it’s not the “what” you’re using but “how much” you use that differs between most spa chemical programs available today.

The Natures Pure Spa Program consists of the same two parts every spa needs, Sanitizer (part 1) & Oxidizer (part 2). Where this program differs is in the how much.

Using two other know, tested and proven to be effective components, the Natures Pure Spa Program allows you to use up to 80% less chemicals.

Part 3 of the program is a Mineralizer. This small chamber, placed preferably in the spa filter area, immediately allows for up to a 50% reduction in sanitizer. The minerals produced kill bacteria allowing the sanitizer to be more effective thereby requiring less of it.

Part 4 is a water conditioner we call Energizer. This conditioner treats the spa water to again make the sanitizer more effective for a further sanitizer reduction of up to 30%. This powerful water conditioner also softens and balances the water, locking in pH and preventing drift. You won’t have to constantly fight pH and alkalinity issues and the spa water will feel better than it ever has.

Parts 3 & 4 are only required at start up and last four months. It is recommended to change your spa water every four months and re-start the program for another cycle.

Reducing harsh chemicals decreases dry skin and irritation and also saves money and time. Making the water feel better is a side benefit but an important one if you use your spa frequently.

If you want to use less harsh chemicals, reduce dry skin and irritation, spend less time messing with the spa and spend more time enjoying it, the Natures Pure Spa Program is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

The Natures Pure Spa Program Maintenance Bundle consists of one each

  • Part 1. Sanitizer 5lb
  • Part 2. Oxidizer 5lb
  • Part 3. Mineralizer
  • Part 4. Energizer 5lb
  • Program Guide
Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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