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Starver X Phosphate Remover – 32 Oz.



32 Oz. Bottle Starver X Phosphate Remover

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Starver X® removes phosphates up to 9,000ppb in 10,000 gallons and BEST OF ALL, with Starver X®’s proprietary combination of natural biopolymers for clarification and revolutionary way in which lanthanum chloride (the key ingredient in almost all phosphate removers on the market) is solubilized you will not experience POOL CLOUDING, SPIKES IN FILTER PRESSURE AND ENDLESS VACUUMING.


Phosphates are a key nutrient in swimming pools for algae growth.  In other words they are a cheeseburger for algae.  Eliminate the food source and you will increase your odds of an algae free pool. Fighting to stay on top of high phosphate levels often times takes a consistent approach since they are consistently being introduced into your pool through avenues such as CITY FILL WATER, WELL WATER, ORGANIC MATERIAL SUCH AS LEAVES, HUMAN BODY WASTE, FERTILIZERS, STAIN REMOVAL PRODUCTS and more.


You can test for phosphates with most test kits maxing out at 1,000 – 2,500 parts per billion (ppb). Through decades of research it has been observed that phosphate levels vary to an ENORMOUS DEGREE.  For example it is NOT uncommon in a lab to test pool water that ranges from 20,000 ppb all the way up to 50,000 ppb when that very same pool water only reads 1,000 ppb on your test kit.  The problem is today’s pool test kits max out at 1,000 ppb – 2,500 ppb. So what happens when your test kit maxes out at a reading of 1,000 ppb but the reality is a true phosphate reading of 15,000 ppb?  This very scenario occurs constantly and causes confusion for whomever is treating for phosphates.  So today’s test kits are excellent at informing you of the presence of phosphates and the inaccuracy lies in the ACTUAL phosphate level.


There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to phosphate removal. There is the NUKE IT philosophy where you use an extremely strong phosphate remover a quart, or sometimes more, at a time. There is also the STEADY approach where consistent weekly dosing is used to bind and slowly eliminate phosphates over time. Thought behind this approach is that the problem did not present itself overnight and you will not fix it overnight. Both approaches are implemented all the time with different degrees of success. Attempting to eliminate ALL phosphates at one time with traditional phosphate removers can sometimes lead to more problems than you had to begin with like severe pool clouding, spikes in filter pressure and lots of vacuuming. Putting you pool on a weekly program using a phosphate remover that removes very low levels of phosphates can often leave the user feeling like they are getting nowhere.

Dosage Guide for a 10,000 Gallon Pool

Phosphates (ppb)
Starver X®
1 oz.
4 oz.
12 oz.
32 oz.


About Starver X®

In the late 1990’s, Lo-Chlor Chemicals-Australia, “the original Lo-Chlor”, pioneered phosphate removal techniques that changed the way we treat algae in swimming pools.

It started with a very effective lanthanum based phosphate removal and maintenance product called Starver® (now named Starver® M). Since then, Lo-Chlor Chemicals-Australia has become the market leader and prime innovator of phosphate removal and maintenance technologies.

In 2013, after 3 years of development and testing, the Company completed their journey by releasing Starver X® which effectively reduces high levels of phosphates quickly. This natural proprietary blend of rare earth compounds and complex polymers is being called the most revolutionary specialty pool chemical ever!