Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance Watercare – 2L

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2L Bottle Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance Watercare

Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance liquid is an EPA registered bio film removal product. It is the only product in the spa industry that aids in the removal of bio-film according to the EPA.  It is designed as a weekly addition to your customers sanitization regiment. The use of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance helps to destroy the bacteria that your customers current sanitizer can’t. It reaches down deep into the plumbing of the spa to help prevent the recurring buildup of sludge and bio-films that plagues every hot tub. The weekly use of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance will also help to keep the water in the spa crystal clear, soft and clean.

Hot Tub Serum is based on natural science and was scientifically conceived from other water-based industries. This knowledge has finally been applied to create this advanced formula line of spa chemicals. Our spa chemicals were specifically designed to remedy the common causes of poor water care, the extraordinary effort it takes to maintain water quality, and the need for multiple chemicals.

Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance is the perfect choice for great water quality & ease of care…

  • Keeps bio-matter from building up INSIDE your spa pipes.
  • Small dose once a week will do the job
  • Keeps plumbing clean up to 6 months
  • Water will feel soft & silky
  • Operate pump(s) less per day, week or month
  • Maintenance is simple using your existing sanitizer

Our customers across North America have done their research and care about what spa chemicals they use and bathe in. The majority of hot tub owners know the truth about water care and are not satisfied with the status quo.

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