Natures Pure Spa Sanitizer / Chlorine Granules – 2lb

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2lb Container Natures Pure Spa Chlorine Granules

Natures Pure Spa Sanitizing Chlorine uses the highest concentrate available on the market: 99% Sodium Dichloro and 55.5% available Chlorine. Unlike many competitors, our chemicals are produced and packaged in the USA, guaranteed to be fresh. Our Chlorine contains no scale forming minerals, dissolves instantly and is specifically formulated for warm water use in hot tubs!

Natures Pure Spa® Sanitizing Chlorine is part 1 of the complete Natures Pure Spa® Program. Utilizing this product along with a Natures Pure Spa® Mineral Cartridge (part 3) and Natures Pure Spa Energizer (part 4) will allow you to use up to 80% less chlorine or bromine. This significant reduction in chemical usage makes your spa experience more pleasant and enjoyable, not to mention the reduction in dry skin and irritation caused by harsh sanitizers.


With pump on, add 1 teaspoon per 200 gallons of water on initial treatment. Repeat every 15 minutes if necessary to reach a 3 to 5 ppm of available chlorine. Use test strips to maintain 3 to 5 ppm reading. (If using the complete Natures Pure Spa Program, reduce the chlorine residual to 1-3 ppm.)

After each usage of spa it is recommended to add 2 ounces of Natures Pure Spa Oxidizing Shock (per 300 gallons of water) to shock and treat the water.

Maintain 3 to 5 ppm (1-3 ppm if using the complete Natures Pure Spa Program) of chlorine and add Natures Pure Spa Oxidizing Shock weekly even when spa is not in use.

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