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SPA FROG Replacement Mineral Cartridge – Floating/Inline Systems


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SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge Replacement for Inline and Floating Mineral and Bromine Systems

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SPA FROG Replacement Mineral Cartridge is to be used with:

  • SPA FROG In-Line Bromine and Mineral Systems
  • SPA FROG Floating Bromine and Mineral Systems

The minerals control bacteria and algae.  With minerals, Bromine can drop from 2 PPM to 1 PPM and still remain effective.  The two together = great water.

Adding a spa ozone generator to your hot tub further reduces chemicals including Bromine, shock, pH Up, pH Down, Metal Control.  Your spa water will be pure and clean – you’ll love it!

Using recycled materials and no electricity means this mineral purifier an eco-friendly product, purifying your water naturally with less waste.

This SPA FROG mineral purifier lasts 4 months (or when you change your water, no longer than 6 months), and comes with an easy reminder dial.