Whether your backyard is a clean slate waiting to be turned into a Rembrandt, or an outdoor oasis that just needs a few touches, options abound. From in-ground pools to water features, decking and lighting, living spaces and landscape, the choices may seem endless. Consider these important design elements before creating any in-ground pools.

The Setting

The first step in creating the backyard of your dreams is to determine what setting you’d like to create. Is your backyard going to become a relaxing, tropical retreat? A kid-friendly fun park? A hip and slightly eccentric hangout for family and friends?  An elegant and luxurious oasis? Browse through some magazines and see what sparks and ignites the “wow” factor in you.

In-ground Pools

A pool makes a definite statement and, depending on the added touches, begins to set the tone. Consider a vinyl lining for the following reasons:

  • There is no limitation to length, width, and depth, and there are a variety of colors and an array of patterns to choose from. This important attribute allows your creativity to blossom and inspires possibilities. If you can dream it, a vinyl lined pool makes it achievable.
  • Easy installation makes it one of the lowest initial costs of all types of pools.
  • The material is durable, smooth and inhibits the growth of algae.

The Water

This would seem fairly straightforward, but the advent of saltwater pools has introduced an alternative. Saltwater pools are not chlorine free. They do, however, use a chlorine generator that turns salt into chlorine. This results in less chlorine which is gentler on your skin. It also requires less maintenance.

The Lighting

Lighting offers both beauty and safety, and it is a vital element in setting your tone. From underwater hues to subtle illuminations along walkways and lights filtering through trees and waterfalls, the possibilities really are endless.

The Decking

A touch of teak, a splash of colored concrete, slabs of granite or slate, travertine or brick pavers. The choice of your decking material makes a dramatic impact on your outdoor living space.

Water Features

This is the pièce de résistance–the crowning glory. From waterfalls to grottos to diving rocks or unique and inventive slides, this is the place where your imagination soars.

We are recognized as the leaders in our market for innovation and the use of the latest green technologies and, in the process, save you thousands of dollars in wasted water and energy. Contact us and we will help you create your vision.

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