Beat The Winter Blues

During these short, cold days it can seem natural to choose to stay indoors, cuddled on a couch, instead of spending time in your yard in the winter. Yet winter can be an ideal time to enjoy your outdoor space, especially if you implement features that help you capitalize on seasonal changes rather than dread the winter blues.

If you want to have an inviting and unique outdoor living space, Cincinnati Pool and Patio can help! Here are three suggestions to put into consideration to enjoy your yard in winter:

Fire Pit

One way to extend the life of your backyard is a fire pit. Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy relaxing outside even in chilly temperatures.

What’s better than enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with your family as you sit next to the warm fire?

Cover It

Open patios are exposed to the weather and subject to wear and tear of winter weather. One way to enjoy this family area well into fall is to make it more versatile. A screened-in patio, or one with retractable canvases, can help shield the area from falling leaves, drizzle or wind. This enables families to use their patios year-round instead of restricting activities to spring or summer.

Patios are a versatile addition to any home and can be outfitted for any use. Adding a heat source and some fall decor can transform your space into an outdoor oasis in any weather. Don’t let the cool weather get you down! Use these tips to extend your stay on the patio.

Get Hygge with it

Perhaps you’ve heard in the past few months about the Danish lifestyle concept of ‘hygge’. Roughly translated to ‘coziness,’ the concept of hygge means creating a warm, inviting, and cozy atmosphere, both inside and outside of the home.

Have any questions about improving your patio or backyard and beating the winter blues? Contact us here!

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